Vehicle Donation Form

Vehicle Donation Form

Thinking about selling your car, boat, motorcycle, truck or other vehicle? Donate it to ֱ State University instead!

When you donate your vehicle to ASU you will be supporting the university you love; plus, you may receive a tax deduction when you itemize your return.

Here's how it works: Call our toll free number, 1-844-400-ASUF (2783) or fill out the web form and we'll take care of the rest, including pick–up, at no cost to you.

Once your vehicle has been sold, you'll be sent a receipt for your tax records, and the sale proceeds will be donated to ASU in your name. See our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.

To learn more about this exciting program, call toll free at 1-844-400-ASUF (2783) or fill out the form below.

Vehicle Donation Form

Vehicle Donation FAQs

We accept most cars, trucks, vans, fleet vehicles, trailers, boats, motorcycles, and RVs. If you have any questions about what you can donate, please send us an email or call us toll-free at 1-844-400-ASUF (2783).
Vehicles donated will benefit ֱ State University through the ASU Foundation for A New American University, a nonprofit organization that exists to support ֱ State University (ASU). Your gift may be considered a charitable contribution. Please consult your tax adviser regarding the deductibility of charitable contributions.
We will need a signed, clear title, free of all liens. If there is a lien listed on the front of the title, please include the original lien release. If you do not have a title, please call our donation department at 1-844-400-ASUF (2783). Our title specialists can usually help obtain a duplicate title from your local motor vehicle department.
Please call our donation department at 1-844-400-ASUF (2783). Our title specialists can usually help obtain a duplicate title from your local motor vehicle department.
The vehicles are sold at private auction. The proceeds are deposited with the ASU Foundation and used to help support ASU. Funds from vehicle donations help ASU provide a world-class education and cutting-edge research that benefits our community, our state, and the world.
Yes, you will be mailed a receipt that shows the amount your donated vehicle brought in at auction or $500, whichever is greater. You should expect to have your receipt of sale about four to eight weeks after you donate your vehicle.
Many factors can contribute to the final selling price of any vehicle, including the make, model, and year of your car, along with any mechanical or physical damage to the vehicle that could affect its value. ASU’s vehicle donation representatives cannot guarantee the final selling price, which is your charitable contribution to ASU.
Yes! We accept vehicle donations of all conditions. Your vehicle doesn’t need to run but you will need proof of ownership.
We will arrange to have your vehicle towed away on a scheduled date previously agreed upon with you. We will NOT pick up a vehicle without first contacting you.
Please complete and submit our Vehicle Donation Form or call us 1-844-400-ASUF (2783).
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