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Alumni Association Iranian American Alumni Chapter

Alumni Association Iranian American Alumni Chapter

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The ASU Iranian American ASU Alumni chapter serves Iranian American Sun Devils in the Greater Phoenix Area. Each year, a deserving student receives an ASU Alumni Chapter Scholarship. Your donation provides tuition assistance for ASU students.

I wanted to share how much the scholarship I've received means to me. It's more than just financial support – it's like a boost of encouragement that's helping me along this educational journey. Knowing that there are people who believe in my aspirations feels amazing, and I'm truly grateful for that."

Nasim Ranjbari, BA in Digital Marketing

The reward in giving to ASU comes back time and time again. And it’s so great to be able to see what they do. They want to bless the lives of other people and improve the lives of other people."

ASU donor Annette Beus

who, with her husband Leo, have given gifts to advance legal education, the sciences, student scholarships and more

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